Tuesday, June 20, 2017

7 Things That Saved My Life During Camp NaNoWriMo

Let's skip the formalities.  Yes, I know it took me ages to post, but you can't really schedule existential crises and unexpected university paperwork and sudden urges to binge watch Pride and Prejudice. (The 1995 version obvs...) But let's cut to the chase...

Last summer I successfully managed to complete Camp NaNoWriMo with a full first draft of approximately 54K words.  It was one of the proudest moments of my life. (Don't judge. Or do. Just don't tell me.)  However, that was also the summer I was staying with my Grandmother in the PNW and had more than enough free time, a lovely library, park, and a few coffee shops within shaded walking distance, and a proud Nana cheering me on.  This summer will be... different to say the least.  I will be at home in AZ surrounded by siblings, working a part-time job, and to put it simply, constantly distracted by important nothings. I could go on as to why this is going to be a challenge, but as I have not the wit to do so in an entertaining manner, I will spare you the prolonged boredom.  Instead, I will share with you some of the incredible resources and tips that saved my life in July of 2016, and that will hopefully be reliable once more this July.
The thing I wrote...
1) Have a getaway: or two, or three... Mine were the neighbourhood Starbucks, the park, and the library.  All within walking distance.  Sometimes I would take my writing with me, (yay free Starbucks wifi) but more often than not, I would just bring a notebook for any ideas and just enjoy doing nothing for an hour or so per day.  If you're super busy or live in the scorching Southwestern heat this might be challenging or impossible, but there are other ways to improvise. I think mine will be my indoor, air-conditioned gym this year. Which leads me too...
2) Get some exercise:  Cliche, I know, but it helps.  Last summer mine was morning runs and pull-ups at the park jungle gym.  This summer, the gym.  If you don't have a gym membership or you don't dig hardcore workouts (tell me about it fam) maybe try doing some yoga or some other workout in your living room. One of my favourite recent resources that I learned about on Kate's blog is this youtube channel called Fightmaster Yoga.  All of their lessons are free, easy to follow, and they keep their channel updated fairly often.

3) Coffee or Tea: Maybe both. Every day.  BTW, did I mention coffee?
4) Pinterest: You know you need a Pinterest board for the aesthetic and themes of your story.  Don't tell yourself otherwise.  Yes, there is a danger of procrastination, but I can't tell you how much character and plot inspiration I got from putting together my board for The Misfit Club.
5) Set timers: Then race them.  It's fun to set a word goal of 500 words in 20 minutes (that's just an example, some people write slower, some people write faster) and then try beating it. An hour later you've probably met more than half of your daily word count!

6) Support and enjoy other people's art: If you are currently working for hours a day, pouring your hopefully figurative blood and possibly literal sweat and tears into a unique piece of art, you deserve to consume other people's art.  And on the plus side, you'll appreciate it more.  When I was visiting my Grandmother we went to see a theatre performance probably once a week.  Let me just say, there's nothing like Shakespeare in the park to make you inspired to write a masterpiece.  If you live in the middle of nowhere like moi you might have to improvise.  Read a novel, watch Hamlet on Youtube, or flip through a book of art by someone you've never heard of.
7) Make ALLL the playlists:  I prepared for Camp NaNoWriMo by making a playlist for each of my four main characters, and as I've been editing my Camp NaNo novel this year, I've been relistening and adding more songs.  If you like to have a writing soundtrack it can be really helpful to have something that matches the character you're writing for. I still listen to some of the soundtracks for fun.  Dante's is probably one of my favourites.

I hope this post helped you prepare for Camp NaNoWriMo, and if you have any tips that you'd be willing to share, please do!  Also, if any of you are looking for a cabin to join this year, let me know in the comments below and leave your Camp NaNo username so I can send you a cabin invite.

lots of love,

xoxo Lizzy

Thursday, May 18, 2017

hello, it is i, your local emo writer, returned from the land of the dead // an update on life

Today I forgave myself for being a hot mess, made myself some tea, and sat down to edit my Camp NaNo novel from last summer.   And then I started thinking about you all. LIKE, HELLO, HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN ARE Y'ALL STILL EVEN ALIVE AND BREATHING?!

You guys, it's been over half a year since I've posted and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if half of you had forgotten about me.  But just the same, I honestly want to thank you for being such a light in my life.  I know it sounds cheesy and all, but you guys don't know how much you shaped the direction of my life since I started blogging and I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!

I'm not gonna lie, my life has changed drastically since the last time I wrote.

I graduated college.

I had my first relationship.

I got a lead role in a school play.

I didn't get into my dream school.

I had a few minor existential crises.

I started going to the gym.

I got paid to have some of my writing published (some rather dull articles, tbh, but still).

I cried over lots of things. Happy, sad, bittersweet. You name it.

I fell in love with so many people and places and the world in general.

I allowed myself to be vulnerable and insecure, and sometimes it hurt.

And today all of that change, and those experiences, and this liminal phase between endings and beginnings has hit me on the head like a hangover.  It's just so insane how much life can change. And how much you change with it. I don't mean to get all emotional and sappy on y'all now, but this seemed like the best way to catch you up on what's been happening in my life.

I want to get back into blogging this summer.  It's been one of the most therapeutic hobbies of mine, and I also want to catch up with the rest of my blogging, writing, artistic, creative friends in the blogosphere.  I've realized that at this incredibly uncertain point in my life, I need to hold on to what I hold dear and get rid of some of the things that are weighing me down.  This blog, and all of you, my friends and readers, have been one of the best things in my life.

So, if you've made it all the way through my super extra, super emo post, tell me, how are YOU?! 
What are some amazing and life changing things that have happened since we last talked? And also HOW in the heckers do you do this novel editing thing?!?! (plz send hlp...)

Lot's of love,


Monday, October 10, 2016

How to Be More Creative in Your Everyday Life // my guest post for Life as a Dare

You guysssss!!! I'm very excited to say that I got to do a guest post on integrating creativity into your daily life over at Life as a Dare. Even if you aren't interested in my opinion on creativity, you should totally check out Rebecca's blog and her new Youtube channel  because she is incredibly talented and fabulous.
Having a hard time figuring out how to be more creative while also juggling a crazy schedule? Here's how to be more creative while juggling real life!
Isn't her design so cute and professional?!
Ima let you guys go read her amazing blog now.  You're welcome. (-;

What's one of your favorite ways to keep your creativity flowing?  What cool blogs should I go follow?  Let me know in the comments below.

Monday, October 3, 2016

why do we capitalize 'i' and not 'you'? // a poem of questions

question mark graffitti
via pinterest

they say we are made up of nearly 70% water
but i think i am made up of nearly 70% questions...


for example i wonder the little important things like

why do we capitalize 'i' and not 'you' or 'we'?

why do we laugh less when we get older?
is life just less funny?

are we just less sensitive to the funny things?

is there really such a thing as soul mates?

and then there are the big important questions that keep us up at night like

what is success really?

will i succeed?

am i egotistical or am i right?

will i ever change?

will everything be okay in the end?

what if i never know?

but there are much worse questions


what if i find out the answer and it shatters my foundation?

because sometimes the pain of ignorance
is easier to accept 
than the truth


is it not?


I know, guys, I know.  After my last post this probably seems totally emo and existential crisis-y, but I've been feeling a little bit this way recently and decided it was better to write about my questions than to smother them. But don't worry! It's not a huge deal.  I'm not depressed.  I'm functioning like a semi-normal human bean.  I just have a lot of questions.  And also I wanted to experiment with a new style of writing because YOU GUYS!!! I haven't done any creative writing in SOOOO long, and it's been really cramping my life, so I'm actually feeling pretty good now. Ya hear that? (-;

But enough about me, I have questions for you guys too, because as you now know, I'm FULL of questions. What's something you want to know the answer to?  What's something you don't want to know the answer too? And last, but most definitely not least, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S OCTOBER ALREADY?!


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