Saturday, August 30, 2014

In Which I Become a Blogger

   This is my first blog ever, and let's just say, starting to blog gives me the same feeling as introducing myself to a crowd of complete strangers or going of a high dive for the first time. Let's just say, I'm a little nervous.

   Let me start by introducing myself. I 'm a teenage girl who loves to read all kinds of amazing books and dreams of writing books that are just as wonderful. I'm currently nowhere close to that goal, but then Jane Austen's first stories probably wouldn't have been publishing ready either, so who knows, you may someday see my name in Barnes in Noble's. Maybe.
   I also watch a lot of period dramas, drink a lot of tea, pound away at the piano, and sing in the shower.
   Warning: As my friends can tell you, I like to rave about the anything that has to do with Middle Earth. If I like a movie or book or a song I will talk about it. A lot.
    If you have any suggestions or advice for a beginning blogger, comment below, and I will willingly accept it.
Well, I'm going to be brave and hit the 'publish' button now,

Have a great day,
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