Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Top Ten Tuesdays: Allons-y!

I decided that if I practiced piano for 45 minutes before my friend came over to practice a duet, I could write a blog post. Today I am doing my first Top Ten Tuesday post: Ten Places books have made me want to visit (whether fictional or real) Seriously, only ten places?

  1. One of the most cliche (but possible most awesome) places books have made me want to (re)visit is England. Why? Because of all of these amazing people (and more) who have brought England to life in their writing.

    And because it has got some incredible history and scenery/architecture. (Have any of you guys read The Eagle of the Ninth by the way? It's about a Roman soldier in Ancient Britain. I need to read that book again.
    If you don't already know, Hadrian's Wall is kind of Great Britain's version of the Great Wall of China, it's just a lot smaller.

  2. Scandinavia: In seventh or eighth grade I read this really awesome book called Dragon Slayer and it was about Beowulf. It made me want to go sit in the mead hall of a king and listen to epic stories of battles. Hopefully I wouldn't run into Grendel.
  3. Narnia: Fictional places are allowed, I looked at the rules specifically. And who wouldn't want to go there? (Besides Uncle Andrew) I have always wanted to have dinner with the Beavers. (Hopefully a pleasant dinner with no interruptions from Maugrim. ) And I think that sailing on the Dawn Treader would be amazing!

4. Middle Earth: Need I say more?

5. New England: I've read The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope several times. It is such a scrumptious book! It's full of funny and exciting ghosts... Read it, you won't regret it. It makes me want to take a walk through the woods of New York, or explore Rest-and-be-thankful with Peggy. I wish someone would make a movie of it!

I wish I had time to do more, but here are at least five places I would love to visit. If you've done the Top Ten Tuesdays linkup, put the link to your blog below, and I will definitely go and check it out. Even if you haven't, what places would you love to visit, based off of books you've read?
Well, I'm off to meet Lucy at Cair Paravele. I mean, I'm off to study and write papers.
Allons-y! Doesn't The Doctor say that in Doctor Who? I haven't watched that show yet. Shhh! Don't tell!


  1. Ooh great post! I agree with everything!! :D

  2. I love this!!

    I must visit Britain!!

    And Narnia!! I love your note on how Uncle Andrew wouldn't want to go :D

    I haven't seen Doctor Who either, but I know lots about it from Pinterest :D

    Allons-y! (What does that mean??)

    1. Britain is absolutely amazing! I'm sure you'd love it,and as for Narnia, I confess, I sometimes look into wardrobes 'just in case' XD
      That's so funny! Most of my knowledge of Doctor Who comes from pinterest as well.
      Translated from French, Allons-y mean's 'let's go' or 'let's go there' It's one of my new favorite phrases.(-: Thanks for following, by the way,

  3. Great post, Elizabeth! All of the places you picked are just perfect.

    I haven't read The Eagle of the Ninth or Dragon Slayer...but I'd love to! And I love The Sherwood Ring. Such a great one.

    Doctor Who is fantastic...I think you'd like it!

    1. Aww, thanks Hannah, I read your TTT post and loved all the places you chose as well.(-: Prince Edward Island sounds like a beautiful place to visit.
      The Eagle of the Ninth and Dragon Slayer are both by Rosemary Sutcliff, actually. Her writing can be a little dry at times, but over all, both books I found quite enjoyable. Isn't The Sherwood Ring absolutely charming? I know there was an other really good book by the same author called 'The Perilous Gard'
      Every one tells me that I need to see Docter Who. It must be pretty fantastic... Maybe over Thanksgiving break I'll get to watch an episode or two.(-:

  4. I shall do this soon, I love all of the places you choose. I now really want to read the Sherwood Ring.

    1. It's an excellent book(-: I wish the author had written a lot more books!


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