Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tags Times Threee...

These past couple of weeks I've received three tags from three of my lovely blogging buddies. I wanted to do them sooner, but my schedule hasn't been very co-operative until today, the start of Thanksgiving break! So thanks to Ashley at A to Z, Evie at Me, Myself, and I, for the Famous People Tag and to Hannah Mary at The Daisy Tree for The Bookshelf Challenge. I'm really excited to do these tags!
Okey-dokey, let's start of with the famous people tag from Ashley and Evie. Love you guys! (Oh, and y'all go check out their lovely blogs if you already haven't.)
The Rules:
-Put up the 'famous people tag button' and link back to the person who tagged you
-Answer the questions
-Tag the ten last people who commented on your blog (excluding anonymytes or the person who tagged you)
#1 Who's your favourite singer/group?
Ummm... *pulls out list* Well, I have a really hard time making decisions like this, but one group I have been obsessed with for over a year is Il Volo. Here is a video so you can see their amazing talent for yourselves. (This is from a few years back, and there are some more recent ones which you should check out as well on their Vevo channel.) Omg, don't tell me they're not adorable and amazingly talented. (-;

#2 If your favourite male actor was in the same room as you right now, what would your reaction be?
Gosh, as I said before, I'm not very good with favorites, and I don't fangirl over actors that much, but if this guy was in the room,
 my reactions might look something like this.
I don't know why it's a cat, it just looks as surprised as I would. XD

I don't know what's up with the cats

Okay, no more cats...
And then would come the questions:
"How are you such a good actor?"
"How do you make Shakespeare sound so dang interesting?"
"Ooooh! Would you recite some Shakespeare?"
And lots of other annoying questions.
Or, I'd just sit there looking shyly over the top of my glasses like a stereotypical nerd.
#3 Is there a famous person you used to love but (due to something they have done in their life) you've suddenly changed your mind?
Honestly, I try not to get into famous peoples' lives to much because I'm often disappointed. I was really disappointed when I learned that Judy Garland committed suicide, but I still love watching her movies.
#4 Name a famous person you like who's name starts with a V.
Viggo Mortenson
I've always wondered why Aragorn never washed his hair till the end?
#5 What's one of your favourite red-carpet dresses?
The first on that popped into my mind because it's so gorgeous. Kate Blanchet's:
The dress, we wantsss it precioussssss!!!
#6 Who's your favourite Royal person?
As I said before, I'm not really into famous people's private lives, but ever since I was a toddler, I've wanted to meet The Queen. You know who I'm talking about.

I did not know that! Wow, thanks Pinterest, this really made my day. (-:
#7 Who's your favourite child actor/tress?
I'd have to say, I've always loved Lucy Pevensie, so I'm going to say that Georgie Henley is my favorite. (-: Look at her, she's so gorgeous and grown up now!!!
#8 Is there an actor/actress you actually like their private lives of? (Not sure if that last question was properly phrased.)
I'm not exactly sure. See question 3.
#9 Do you think that the actors/actresses have improved these last 100 years?
Ummm, that's a hard one. I think that they're about even. I mean, I think that some of the great and mostly British actors of today are really hard to beat, so I guess acting may have improved in some ways. Although there are a lot of actors that... Let's just say, I'm a better actor than them, and I have never even been in a play. XD I have to say the dancing and singing skills of the actors from way back when were pretty impressive too, so it's a win-win.
#10 What's the weirdest famous-people name?
I don't know a lot of those, but try saying Benedict Cumberbatch ten times fast.

#11 Do you think you look like a famous person? Which one(s)
I really don't know. I have a really non-descript face, but my older sister says I look somewhat like Emma Watson, especially since I have a pixie cut.
The lovely Emma Watson

Me attempting to look like her XD (I don't really look
like that most of the time, so it's kinda' cheating.)
#12 Share your favourite famous-person quote.
Gosh, that's hard. Here, I'll just choose a random one I really like.
Yes! This is a truth universally acknowledged! Colin Firth speaks nerd too! I love it when actors and actresses are not only talented, but intelligent and nerdy.
#13 Who's your favourite dancer?
Umm, Can I say Yulia Lipnitskaya? Dancer and figure skaters are practically the same thing, sort of. Anyways, if you didn't watch the Winter Olympics, go to Youtube and look for this amazingly talented girl's performance. I can't believe she's only my age, she skates better than most of the people who were ten years older.

#14 Why is your favourite actress your favourite one? When did you decide that she was your favourite?
Umm, not fair! Do I even have a favorite actress? Let me see... I really think Kate Blanchett is incredibly talented and makes a wonderful Galadriel, Julie Andrews has some serious talent, singing, dancing and acting. Wow. And I love Georgie Henley as Lucy. (-:
#15 Have you ever met/seen/been close to a famous person?

Umm, I have never met a famous actor or singer, you know, but just over a week ago I had the incredibly opportunity to be in a piano masterclass taught by John O'Conor. Look him up on Pandora or Spotify or something, he's a brilliant pianist and performs worldwide. (He doesn't have a Youtube channel, so there aren't a lot of videos of him, but he's recorded quite a few albums which are on the above mentioned places.) And I think I owe you all an explaination. I am in no way a really good pianist, but it just so happens that the town I live in is incredibly small, and because my awesome piano teacher teaches at our local community college, she was able to chose two students to play at the master class. Anyhow, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget, and I learned so much. I doubt I'll ever have an opportunity like that again! Comment if you think I should do a music blog post from time to time. I'm really fond of music, and I love sharing my favorite pieces or musical experiences, but I don't want to bore you all. (-;

I guess that's it for the Famous People tag(-: I tag the last ten people who commented on my blog. Leave the link to your post in a comment so I can read it, and if you don't have a blog, just comment your answers.(-:
Skye Hoffert
Dr. Sus
Hannah Mary
Hannah (@ Fantasy Gypsy, there are a couple of Hannahs who follow me XD)
and Heidi ~ Lady of Anorien
And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, ahem, (or just ladies, I don't think any guys follow this blog.) The Bookshelf Challenge! Thanks so much for tagging me, Hannah. You guys, go check out Hannah Mary's blog, The Daisy Tree. It is absolutely scrumptious.
1) Is there a book that you really want to read but haven’t because you know that it’ll make you cry?
Oh, I always read a book that I think will make me cry. I applaud the writer who can make me cry real tears over a character. I know it sounds heartless and insensitive but I love sad books. Take The Hiding Place for example, now that is one beautiful book.
 2) Pick one book that helped introduce you to a new genre.
Hmm... That's hard. I've discovered a few new genres in the past couple of years. I'd have to say The Hunger Games introduced me to the world of Sci-Fi and Young Adult novels. I didn't grow up with a lot of fantasy so I'd have to say that The Chronicles of Narnia really did that for me.
3) Find a book that you want to reread.
Umm, everything I've rated four stars or more? Sorry, okay just one book. Let's go with Jane Eyre. I remember it being an eccelent book, but I think I would enjoy it even more now.

4) Is there a book series you read but wish that you hadn't?
I don't usually regret reading books, but (I know this isn't a series) I didn't really like reading I am the Messenger. It wasn't really a book I would recomend to kids or even teens. It had some graphic stuff that made me a bit uncomfortable. The idea of the story was good though.
5) If your house were burning down and all of your family and pets were safe, which book would you go back inside to save?
That is nearly impossible. I guess I'm really attatched to my Narnia compilation. I got it on sail two years ago at Barnes and Noble's. (Black Friday shopping if I remember correctly.) It is absolutely gorgeous, even on the inside, and there are excerpts from Beyond the Wardrobe: The Official Guide to Narnia. (Which, by the way, is a great book for  young C. S. Lewis fans.) It even has a blue ribbon and illustrations!

6) Is there one book on your bookshelf that brings back fond memories?
Haha, that is one hard question. One I really loved was Spilling Ink: A Young Writer's Handbook. I devoured that book like crazy. It was the first book on writing that I had read and despite the fact that it's directed to younger kids, I still think it has some useful tips for me. My dear friend Audrey, loned it to me and she didn't get that book back for months. XD My mom got me a copy, and I can't wait to share it with the next young writer I come across. I like to imagine that I will give it to my future daughter, or niece or nephew.

7) Find a book that has inspired you the most.
Hands down, The Lord of the Rings. It is my favorite book of all times. Special mentions going to anything by C. S. Lewis and Charles Dickens, and a ton of other amazing authors.

8) Do you have any autographed books?
Unfortunately, no, but I'd love to meet Lois Lowry and get my edition of The Giver autographed.
9) Find the book that you have owned the longest.
Yikes, this is going to be a big guess. Maybe Swallows and Amazons. It's a really charming book and I have five in the series. I got it for Christmas a long time ago it sparked my interest in sailing. (-:
10) Is there a book by an author that you never imagined you would read or enjoy?
Yikes, this is really, really, hard. I know I've mentioned The Lord of the Rings already, but I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked it and The Hobbit up at the library. It literally changed my life, and I don't regret it. (-:
My collection of Tolkien books. I really need to get a new
copy of LOTR, The Fellowship of the Ring is falling apart!

Thank you for tagging me, Hannah, I really enjoyed doing this! I tag anyone who is wearing green or is on Team Peeta!


  1. Thanks for doing the tag!!! I enjoyed your answers!

    Tom Hiddleston! Yes!!

    Yeah, I don't look into people's private lives that much either. Judy Garland's story is so sad.

    I forgot about Georgie Henley! She is beautiful! I haven't seen her in anything other than Narnia movies though.

    Making up new names for Benedict Cumberbatch is the ultimate cure for boredom!

    Yulia Lipnitskaya was amazing!! I was always conflicted with the desire for her to do really good or to lose somehow (USA!!!). She had guts though!!

    You should so do a post on music stuff!! I play piano too so that would be fun to read!!

    Jane Eyre is a book that I think I will like better when I'm older.

    I recently read the first Swallows and Amazons book! It was really interesting. I need to find the rest of the series! I think it will get better because they have a "rich" uncle to help them now! Do you sail anywhere?

    These were fun!!

    1. Thank you for tagging me Ashley! It was super fun to do. One more reason I like Tom Hiddleston that I totally forgot to mention is, he speaks French! <3
      I know, I've only seen Georgie in Narnia as well, but she's just a great actress.
      What's the most amusing name for Benedict Cumberbatch you've come up with? I'm sure you've heard this one, Benedict Cucumberbatch. XD
      I'm glad, I think I will do a music post sometime soon. (-: And you like Swallows and Amazons too? I have to say that out of the five I've read, the first and Peter Duck were the best. (-: Yes, I actually have been sailing. I went sailing this summer on the Schooner Martha for a week. It was absolutely amazing!!! I highly recommend sailing.

  2. Loved reading your answers to this! Thanks a bucket-load for tagging me; I'd do another new post on the award but my answers haven't quite changed from when I did it before. I'd love for you to read the post here though:

    As Ashley above said; YES, Tom Hiddleston!!! xD

    I'd love to see you do some posts on music, as I'm always that person who's curious about other's tastes. =)

    And I too had no idea what reading The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings would bring me to. My parents probably wouldn't have recommended it to me if they had an inkling of what I was to turn into. xD


    1. Great! That was so fun to read, Adi. I love reading other peoples answers to tags, it's always really interesting.(-: It's so cool that you got to meet Lindsey Stirling!
      Yes, I've only seen a couple of Tom Hiddleston movies, but he's a remarkable actor.
      Thanks, I'm planning on doing a post on music some time or another.
      Yes, yes, yes! My mom thinks my obsession with LOTR and The Hobbit is weird and even my sisters roll their eyes at me. XD

  3. Thanks for the tag,
    I loved the cats, and I too am an admirer of Tom Hiddleston. Georgie Henley is amazing the perfect Lucy.

    1. Haha, that's funny. Yeah, I don't usually post pictures of cats, but they really described the way I would react. Wasn't Georgie Henley perfect for Lucy? It was really fun reading your tag!

  4. Il Volo is simply amazing. Wow.

    You are gorgeous. Seriously. And you do look kind of like Emma. :-) That's pretty neat.

    Here's my tag: Your tag was perfect because Hamlette tagged me about a month ago, and you reminded me to get it finally finished. ;-)

    I think I'll do the Bookshelf Challenge, too. I'm wearing cheetah print, but I'm definitely Team Peeta. :-D (Who isn't?!)

    1. Yay! I've finally found another (prospective) Il Volo fan!!! Seriously, more people should know about them.
      Aww, thanks. XD *Blushes until resembling a tomato more than Emma Watson* I saw your post, and you really do look like Drew Barrymore and I can see how you look like Amanda Seyfried to. Your guys' cheekbones are a lot the same. I'm glad you did the tag, it was lots of fun to read. (-:
      Yes, yes, I'd love to read your answers to the Bookshelf Challenge! You know, that's funny. Most girls I know are on Team Peeta, but a lot of guys are on Team Gale. Why? I guess, maybe they don't think Peeta is 'manly' enough or something. I think that Katniss really needed someone to keep her calm and safe, and Peeta was perfect for that. Gale was too hot tempered. Anywho, I'm done ranting about that now! Sorry, XD.
      I can't wait to read more of your posts,

    2. I've heard of them, but I don't follow them. I usually confuse them with Il Divo.

      You're welcome, and thank you. I think maybe I have Drew's cheekbones and Amanda's eyes. And I haven't read HG yet, but I know how the story ends, and I agree. Peeta was just right for her. My brothers were Team Peeta, which surprised me, because they usually go for the macho guys. Guess it just shows what a good character he is. :-)


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