Friday, January 30, 2015

In Which Evie and I Discuss The Battle of the Five Armies

Hey guys, it's Lizzy here, and with me Evie from Me, Myself and I. We both saw The Battle of the Five Armies about a month ago, and we were so thrilled with it, we decided to do a post. (Albeit a month late, but better late than never. (-: ) If you didn't enjoy the movie (of course you did!) or you can't stand fangirling, you'd better close this tab and find something else to read because there will be a LOT of this going on:
Okay, so we've decided to do it Q&A style, and we'll answer lots of questions about the movie. How we felt about the characters, the storyline, blah blah and blah and a lot of other random questions. Let's get started! (WARNING: there may be some spoilers for those who haven’t read the book or seen the movie yet.)

  How did you feel right before the movie/as the movie began?
Well I saw the movie with one of my best friends so as it began we looked at each other excitedly and grinned. I felt excited, nervous to see if it was going to be a good film and sad because I love my middle earth world. The village scene was very well done and it was a little scary.. But my friend kept reminding himself and me "It's only a dragon who is Sherlock" and it was ok.

  I also saw it with my best friend and we were super excited! I felt a little sad though, because I went into the theater thinking. “This is going to be the last time I see a Middle Earth film for the first time, and then it’s ‘Goodbye’.” But as soon as it started playing, I had to constrain myself from bouncing in my chair like an infant. It was especially incredible since we saw it in 3D. Oh my gosh, all the flames and Smaug were gorgeous! That sounded a little morbid...

  Tell us about one or three of your favorite characters briefly.
One or three of my favourite characters.. Hmm.
Thorin Oakenshield.
Well apart from the fact that this guy is played by Richard Armitage (swoon) I really liked the way he was the dominant leader of the dwarfs and not afraid of toil. He stands up for his beliefs and is not afraid to question others on theirs. Sadly his moral compass in this film is much to be desired..
There are many more but time does not permit me today.

I have to agree with Evie that Thorin was an awesome character, but since it would be no fun if I copied, I’m going to say, ARGGGG! This is hard, okay I’m going to say that Bilbo has a special  place in my heart. Probably since I’m a bit like him. I don’t know if I’m as brave and incredible as he is, but in other ways I feel like I relate to him. I think that Martin Freeman did an awesome job of portraying Bilbo. He kind of is Bilbo Baggins. I love how he bravely defies Thorin and hands the Arkenstone over to Thranduil. He knows perfectly well that Thorin is probably going to kill him. Literally. But he does it anyways, to stop a war and to keep Thorin from giving in entirely to his greed. He is one brave hobbit!
And then he has those moments like these...

And his facial expressions…

  What did you think of the battle?
OH.MY.GOSH! Epically sad!
Haha, erm which battle? There were lots :p
It was longer than I had expected, but Peter Jackson really mixed it up, so there was lots of variety in the fighting styles and locations. The main battlefield was huge and incredibly epic, though!

  Which character do you think developed the most/the best?
Tauriel.. Just and Bilbo and Thorian and Gandalf.. I cant choose! Oh! Legolas too!

I find this question surprisingly difficult to answer… Can I choose them all? Hmm, well, I think that besides Bilbo, Thranduil was one of the characters who developed the most. In the beginning we see him as unfeeling and cold, but by the end, you realize that he actually does have feelings, and it just makes all the sadness and feels so much more hard to bear...661b4b801aafe330aa3b5acabf3c5b6e.jpg
Our Reactions to the Movie in Gifs:
When it started:

Fili and Kili…:

Fili and Kili’s death:

When I saw that they kept the auction scene:

And the final credits…

When it started:

When war is declared between the elves and dwarves:

When Thorin dies:
dies inside.jpg

When Bilbo says ‘goodbye’ to the (remaining) dwarves:

The end:

A month later…


What were your thoughts and feelings on The Battle of the Five Armies? And if you did a review, leave a link to it in the comments below!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Which one...?

   I'm finally watching North and South as my best friend commanded suggested, and I love it! However, I found this on pinterest, and as a big fan of period dramas, I thought it was very evil. XD
^ I said ^
Here are some gifs to make it a little easier. (Note my sarcasm.)

Darcy or Thornton? I want to know; let the debate begin in the comments below.

P.S. Muahahahaha!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years...

Happy New Year, everyone!
   I should have written this post earlier, but life happens. I was planning on getting some sleep because I was feeling unwell, but ironically I stayed up past midnight because my head cold made me unable to sleep... Yawn...) So I'm sorry if this post is a little scattered and incoherent. Anyhow, I'll not bore you with talk of colds any longer, let's get started!
   So, 2014 was a really busy year and I thought I'd go over the highlights that happened. (In no particular order)

- I started my Snow White retelling.
- I visited Mexico for the first time over spring break.
- I was able to attend three incredible piano master classes.
- I went on a road trip with my mom and siblings to the west coast. (Through California, Oregon and Washington.) Two of my sisters and I went for an awesome week long sailing trip on the Schooner Martha. I <3 sailing!
- I started this blog, and made several amazing new blogging friends. Love you guys!
- I got to spend some time with my best friend. (Not as much as I would've liked to, though (-; )
-I survived my first English class.
- My sisters and I watched our first Marvel movie, The Avengers. (It was awesome.)
- I attempted NaNoWriMo and failed miserably.
- I nearly doubled the size of my bookshelf... XD
- I saw the Battle of the Five Armies!!! (I'll do a post about that later.)
- I joined an awesome critique group, and it has been really great working with other writers my age.

   Those are just some of the events that happened this year, but I'm to lazy to think of them all. (-;
2014 wasn't exactly the easiest year of my life, but it was really interesting and all of the experiences I've had have definitely made my life much more different than it was a year ago. One of the things I regret about 2014 was that I didn't live as wholly as I would've liked too. I can name countless times when I spent all my free time on the web instead of doing homework or hanging out with my siblings. I'm not very good with resolutions, but I suppose that it wouldn't hurt to make a few. (-; 

  • Stop procrastinating: This is probably one of my greatest downfalls. I procrastinate on everything, even things I enjoy sometimes. It's rather ridiculous, and I don't want to feel guilty about doing the things I enjoy. Perhaps doing what needs to be done right away will help that some.
  • Write everyday: Let's just say, this is part of procrastinating too. I enjoy writing, but there are just those days when one of your favorite blogger did a new post, or Studio C released some new videos, or, or, or... You get the general idea.
  • Listen more: I have to confess, I've only recently realized that I don't listen enough. I talk more about my life than I listen to their stories, and it always makes me feel so bad when they remember everything I've told them a week ago and I can barely remember what they told me two days ago because I was to occupied with my own life. It's not just listening, I need to pay more attention to the world around me in general. I feel like if I listened more and paid attention to other people's lives rather than living inside of my head all of the time, I wouldn't be so dull or worry as much. 
  • Be thankful and share: This kind of goes with the above resolution. I am often so preoccupied and worried about my own life that I don't realize when other people might need help, whether it be a hug when they're sad, or help with homework. It seems strange at first, but when you really think about it, sharing and helping make you realize that some of the things you've taken for granted are great gifts. 
  • Bonus; learn how to drive: I really should have started studying earlier, because I want to get my license when I turn 16. I'd better get to work...
   I mean this all in the least cheesy way possible. (-: There are several other things I desperately need to work on, but sometimes less is more. I easily get overwhelmed by long lists. Tell me about your year and what you hope to do in 2015.
   Happy New Year!

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