Monday, July 20, 2015

I had an adventure yesterday...


I had an adventure yesterday.

My older sister was home for the weekend, so after church we decided to drive up The Mountain and go hiking. It was rather hot when we started out; we rolled down our windows as the car wound up the mountain side.  The air grew cooler as we drove towards the top, and rain splattered our windshield through the mist.  We hummed along to The Weepies and breathed the fresh mountain air. It smelled like pine trees, rain, and adventures.

We found a road that lead to a meadow and a pond.

There were patches of wildflowers here and there, so my sisters picked a bouquet.

My little brother quickly recovered from all symptoms of carsickness as soon as he began to play in the tall, green, beautiful grass.

And then we had a picnic on the grass under a great pine tree.  There were sandwiches, and ritz crackers, and plenty of cherries to go around. 

We took some family photos.

And some silly pics.

We even started a hike into the woods.
And took some more silly pics.

But the looming clouds decided to open up and drench us.
So we hid under some trees because my little brother doesn't like being "cold-wet" as he would say.

The change of plans wasn't bad though.
Because I had the chance to show my sisters a secret place that a friend had shown me two years ago...
Down a hidden pathway, past the lake...

Over a fairytale-ish stream and some tall rocks...

is a magical ravine with pine trees growing on either side, and opening up at the bottom of the mountain into a vast, desert plain.  It's so beautiful, that a camera can't capture it perfectly.  You'd have to see it yourself to understand.  And that's what makes this place a hidden jewel.

And so we drove back home to the sound of rain on the windshield and The Weepies, and the smell of rain and pine trees and adventures...
This is the story of what happened yesterday, mostly factual, a tiny bit fantasized. Let's just say, I left out the bits about how my little brother got sick while we were driving and about how we thought we'd lost his hat. etc... But really, it was quite lovely, and probably one of the most lovely adventures I've had in a while.
And here's another goofy selfie we took at home, just for good measure...
I am fire! I am death! I managed a Benedict Cumberbatch
level photobomb!
Photography credits go to my fabulous older sister, Michaela. Because I'm a lame photographer and I forgot a camera.  Follow her on Instagram to see more of her amazing photography. Or here to see her paintings and other art photography.
Have you had any interesting adventures lately?


  1. That looks like so much fun, I love hikes, and that last picture is hilarious.

    1. Thanks Skye! It was awesome. Hehe, we had fun with the pictures. (-:

  2. What a grand adventure! Also, I dig your new blog look! And that "secret place" sounds like something out of a Zane Grey novel! Very cool.

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment, Hamlette! It was a really fun adventure, and I haven't read any Zane Grey novels, but now I want to! Thanks! I had fun finding a new design. (-:

  3. Aww that sounds like a lovely little adventure! :)

  4. This sounds like SUCH a fantastic adventure!! :D I love mountains and pines and cherries. Okay, I love cherries a ridiculous amount. *wipes drool off keyboard* But there's nothing wrong with writing adventures in a golden light and skipping the awkward details, lol. GLAD YOU HAD SO MUCH FUN!

    1. Thank you! It was epically fun, and we had a great time. CHERRIES, YES!!! They're my favorite fruit right after strawberries. (-: Aren't adventures fantastic though?!

  5. Wow! That looks like soo much fun!!! Michaela did a very good job with the pictures. They are all lovely. :-)

    P.S. You did a nice job photo bombing. Did you learn how to photo bomb from Studio C? :P

    1. It was fabulous and awesome! And isn't Michaela the best? She didn't even edit those photos. :-)
      And thank you, I did get my degree in photo bombing from Studio C, although my inspiration is Benedict Cumberbatch. XD


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