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I have returned! // Snippets from "A Murder of Crows"

Hello my lovelies!
I missed you guys sooooo much!!!
There is so much I could tell you all about right now as I've been gone from the blogosphere for an eternity, and so much has happened since last we spoke, but I'll stick to one topic: Writing.
Yeah, I've actually been doing my job as a writer and getting some work done!  I'm currently working on a novel called A Murder of Crows.  Here's a very basic blurb I threw together to give you a general idea of what is going on:

    The Corvus family has been the victim of several assumed kidnappings, murders and other un-nerving events for as long as Rachel can remember.  Now, her father has been murdered, and she suspects these events are all connected.  Not only that, her life, and those of her family members are in danger.  She sets out to settle the matter and becomes entangled in a war between two families and other strange happenings that will change her life, for better or for worse.

      For a while Rachel just sat and listened to the sound of the stairs creaking under her Grandmother's feet and the drizzle of rain pelting the tin roof.  Then she curled up and fell asleep still clutching the pillow to her chest.  Poe hopped across the bed and pulled a quilt over her curled up body and up too her chin  Her black tangle of hair formed a dark halo around her pale face.  The crow ruffled her feathers and rested against the girl's shoulder.
Caleb would look something like this, just a few years younger...:
Caleb, he's just a few years younger though.
.... He laughed, "Miss Rachel, what've I done to make you dislike me so much?"
               "What makes you think that I dislike you?"
               "Well you've been glaring at me contemptuously ever since I stepped through the front door of your house."  Caleb put his hands in his pockets and leaned against the barn door.  "You seemed perfectly civil when we first met, and I'm not entirely sure what has changed to make you think so ill of me."
               Rachel shrugged, "You wouldn't be able to understand,"  Thing is, she thought, I'm not entirely sure why I dislike you so much myself.  
This is what Rachel and Grandmother's house looks like.:
Whenever she closed her eyes, Rachel saw the four lumberyard workers carrying a stretcher up the road, covered in a white cloth.  A cloth the same color as her father's lifeless face.  There had been a red stain on the cloth where the blood had leaked through.  He'd been found on the side of the road, they'd said.  His team had run down the road with his wagon full of grain, probably scared by the gunshots. the sheriff had inspected the body for evidence and left grim and wordless...
Rachel    ...vintage.... by on @deviantART:
My MC, Rachel
She shivered, and felt Caleb’s arm around her.               “She’ll do just fine, Rachel, don’t worry too much.  I’m there for farm work every day. I’ll check in on her.”         
      Rachel nodded against his shoulder.  “I’ve never been more than thirty miles away from my home.  I know it’s only a day’s train ride away, but I feel almost guilty for leaving Grandmother behind.  And to be honest, I’m a little afraid of moving from the country to one of the biggest cities in the world.”
Caleb turned to her, “Don’t be afraid.  You are one of the most capable people I have ever met.  If anyone should be scared, it should be New York City.”   Rachel rolled her eyes.        
        “But in all seriousness, always watch your wallet, don’t ever go down dark alleys without someone, and avoid talking to strangers as much as possible...  Now that I think about it, it’s really easy to get lost there, even if you’ve lived there for years, so you should probably shouldn't go out alone at all.”        
       “Sorry, but that’s not helping any.”

 1920 Buick  Caleb's car:
He pulled the car over to the side of the road.     
         “Really, you’ll let me drive?” Rachel’s face lit up.      
          “Sure thing.” He opened her door for her. “But a few basic things before we start. One, always remember where the brake is.  Hitting the gas pedal will only maximize the likelihood of death…”And so Rachel received her first driving lesson from Caleb, and a very fortunate thing it was indeed.
Here are a few sneak peaks in the form of photographs. The action doesn't start until a bit later, but I'm not sharing that with you yet because
From the archives of the Timelords,Whovians,BBC and Tumblr fans

WARNING: I've recently gotten obsessed with Doctor Who, so I'll probably be using a lot of these gifs in the future... 

new york 1920's.  Oh my gosh!!! The holy grail photo I've been searching for. Times Square 1920s:
1920's NYC
                           1928: Another stylish duo that prove collegiate sweaters and pleated skirts didn't debut last fall — they were around in the '20s!:


20's inspired makeup look:
Wow, Rachel's style just changed a ton!


celtic wolf design | Wolf Head And Celtic Crow Tattoo Design:

Well, I'd better pop off now and try to finish this book.  I've never written an entire novel before, so I'm determined to finish this one.
Are you working on any writing projects right now? I'd love to hear about them(-: Also, who's your favorite Doctor? And just one more question, is there any particular topic you'd like me to post about or any kind of post you'd like to see on my blog? I'm always open to new ideas and suggestions. 


  1. I love the title, seems like a really interesting story. I mean murder and kidnappings how exciting... I mean dreadful. I really enjoyed the snippets and the characters. Thanks for sharing them.
    I love Doctor Who, the tenth doctor is my favorite, but I adore all of them really.

    1. Aww, thanks, Skye. Your opinion means a lot. (-: *high five* Ten is my doctor too. There will never be anyone like David Tennant. (-: They're all fantastic, thought!

  2. Wow sounds really really interesting! If you need a Beta I'll volunteer! :D
    Hehehe DOCTOR WHO! YAS! 12 is my favourite (although 11 and 10 are precious) but trust me series 9 12th doctor oh my gosh.. Peter Capaldi A+++
    PS: You knew it was peter didn't you? :P

    1. You're so kind, Evie! It's still in a very rough first draft, but if I do decide to clean it up a bit, I would LOVE to have you read it. :-D OMG! So I just watched the first episode of 12, and I have a feeling that it's going to be a great couple of series. He's such a character, but then that's what I like best about all of the doctors. It takes a little while to get used to each one, but when you do, they are absolutely fantastic! I can't wait! Unfortunately Netflix only has until series 8, so I'll have to wait a bit for 9... )-:
      P.S. I'm super curious as to how 12 was in Pompeii...

    2. Really?! Aww shucks thanks! *grins*
      :-D SQUELP YOU DID?! (Calm evie) it is good! He gets so much better and my favourite is Robots of Sherwood from Series 8 I've seen in 7 times.. (still go into hysterics). 12 is different, 11 was exciteable loveable puppy and 10 man oh man still having The End of Time Feels.
      :( That's a shame!
      Ps: That's in series 9. It's clever

  3. Yay! So glad to see you back in the bloggy world! Your book sounds amazing and I can't wait to read more!!! I'm such a sucker for things set in the twenties.
    Also that gif at the beginning is now my most favorite thing in the world! ^.^

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah! I really admire your writing, so this means a lot to me. (-: And isn't the Jazz age just fascinating? Haha, yes, it's one of my favorite gifs too.

  4. This seems so interesting and original!! I love the picture of the farmyard, and the dialogue directly after...

    1. Thank you, Olivia! I love that picture too. I think I have a little too much fun and spend a little too much time finding the perfect pictures for my pinterest storyboards. XD

  5. Girl, congrats on a new novel!! These snippits are sooo intriguing. O_O And any blogging break spent writing is definitely a blogging break worth taking! Keep writing!

    1. Thanks so much, Katie! I'm glad you liked it. Hopefully I'll keep up on both, although it has been great to get some writing done. (-:


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