Saturday, February 20, 2016

road trip // someday... #1

Someday i'm just going to pack my bags, call my friends, and we'll run away for a roadtrip.  
Leave the world behind and chase the horizon. Just you and the road, wherever the wind takes you.

We'll only take what we need: a couple changes of clothes, camping supplies, enough money for food and gasolene, and a camera for capturing memories.
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We'll drive with the windows rolled down and the radio playing and we'll sing loud for the world to hear.
road trip.:

We won't be afraid to venture into the unknown, because that's what road trips are for. To discover secret places and exciting adventures. To quench that wanderlust...

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And in the end...
Let's have a bonfire at the beach and gaze up at the stars as if the night is never going to end:

It doesn't matter how long it is, or where we go.  What matters is who i'm with and the memories that we create together.

So, who all is up for a roadtrip?


  1. I want to do something like this so bad.

    1. Ikr? It's on the top of my bucket list right now. (-:

  2. This would be incredible!! :-D
    and yes I am SO up for a road trip! (I'm getting my hair done tomorrow most likely like the first photo I sent you)

    1. Wouldn't it be fun, though? I'm seriously thinking of doing this next summer. And I want to see pictures of your hair!

  3. This sounds wonderful! take me with you!


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