Tuesday, May 17, 2016

pop-u-ler...lar // in which i get tagged twice // also, did anyone get that wicked reference?

Friends, err... Humans, Blogger Friends, lend me your ears eyes!
Today I will be answering questions which reveal the deepest, darkest, corners of my soul.  If long kept secrets and real life plot twists are not your thing, then turn back before it is too late...
That's right, this is a tag.  I got tagged by the amazing Ashley and the sensational Susanna. *does a force wave* You will go check out their blogs. Thank you guys for tagging me!

Alright! Let's get down to business!
  To defeat the Huns...

Ashley's Questions

1) What's your newest "obsession" (book, tv show, hobby, etc.)?
You guys, perhaps this is going to be a deeper darker secret post than I had expected... *prepares to be abandoned by my friends for the rest of my life* Ever since I watched The Force Awakens two weeks ago, I have had a major fangirl crush on Kylo Ren.
kylo ren darth vader - Szukaj w Google:
Can we take a minute to appreciate his gorgeous hair?
However, whether you hate or love Kylo Ren, you will probably love the fan made twitter account, Emo Kylo Ren @KyloR3n.  It's pretty hilarious...

2) What were your favorite book(s) as a kid?
I was kind of obsessed with these two books that were probably from the 50s called Ginnie and Geneva and Ginnie Joins In.  I think the main reason I loved these book was because their friendship and their school and their lives were so perfect, and I really idealized that... Also, I really wanted a best friend like Ginnie or Geneva. XD
Ginnie and Geneva--a whole series of lovely books featuring two unlikely best friends--one shy and quiet, the other outgoing and ebullient.:
OMG! I'm freaking out! I just looked up these books, and I realized that this is a TEN book series, and I am seriously considering hunting down the entire set of cheesy, perfect, story books...

3) What is/was your favorite school subject? Your least favorite?
I'm an English major and I hate math.  Does that answer the question?

4) Have you ever flown (like in a plane or helicopter)?
I've never actually flow one myself, but I've flown in one, if that makes sense.
Take a plane ride just for fun | Cessna 195
5) Are you excited for the Olympics this summer?
Yes! I think it is going to be fantastic!

6) Who is your role model in your dream profession?
That is a terrible question to ask a writer... Okay, I so inspired by Tolkien, Lewis, Charlotte Bronte, Woolf, and most of all, by my peers who have big dreams and are striving to succeed in a demanding, often un-rewarding  career.  Their persistence, hard work, and victories inspire me.  (I'm looking at you guys.) Kudos to you! I'd be lucky to half the writer you guys are.
Portrait photography, product, advertising, wedding - it's all within Polaroid Studio. The advantage of my studio is a "medium size", which is characterized by excellent photographic quality on the market. More details, please visit www.imperfectgallery.eu:
7) Do you use your library system a lot?
Wellll, on occasion, but I have an overflowing bookshelf with half of the book unread, and I tend to buy lots of books secondhand or on Amazon... So no, I haven't been to our library in a while.

8) If you could only listen to one music artist for a year, who would it be? (This is hard, I know)
*figuratively dies* Let's go with Peter Hollens.  He's got a great voice and a wide variety of musical styles. 

9) How old were you when you learned to read?
*cricket sounds* I honestly don't remember whether I was four or five when I learned to read.  Anyhow, the fact that I could read came kind of like an epiphany, so I remember the day, but I don't remember exactly when it was. XD

10) What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
Do Five Guys and Chipotle count?
The double patty cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, bacon barbecue sauce and mayo at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, a return contender.:
11) Idk ask yourself a question.
Elizabeth, why are you so weird?  I don't know, Elizabeth.  Perhaps if I wasn't so weird I wouldn't be Elizabeth, would I Elizabeth?

Susanna's Questions

1)What was the last book/movie you consumed that absolutely knocked you off your seat with its awesomeness?
I've got two. The movie being Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the book being The Raven Boys If you have not read/seen either, you must go do so right now.
the dream thieves (this part hurt my heart.):
2)If you found a wardrobe that led to Narnia, would you go through?
Umm... YEAH!!! Let me just grab my fur coat...
3) If you received two tickets to anywhere in the world and you had to leave tomorrow morning, where would you choose to go?
I am terrible at making decisions... It's bad enough choosing what to order at a restaurant, but choosing a country? Okay, fine. France.  From there, I would travel through  the rest of Europe.  I don't care if that's cheating.
Rocamadour, Dordogne, France. If you see it at sunset it looks just like a golden villages, stunning!!!!!:
4)What are you most looking forward to right now?
Dinner.  Because chicken soup and biscuits on a rainy day. Need I say more?

5)What would be your most ill-suited career?
Hahaha, anything that required math skills.  That or professional sports.

6)Most exciting plan for this summer?
Camp NaNoWriMo! It totally counts as having a life...
I'm Doing Camp NaNoWriMo-April 2016. Are you?:
Speaking of Camp NaNoWriMo, is anyone else doing it, and if so, would you guys like to start a cabin with me? Let me know in the comments. (-:
7)What was the sneakiest/cheekiest thing you that you did as a child?
Well, I was a bit of a hypochondriac when the need arose, and I took a cookie once without asking.  It haunted me for years.

8)If you could instantly have the ability to be really good at something (anything from playing the violin to break dancing) what talent would you choose?
Another tough decision... Okay, I'd choose to be an amazing actress.  That way I could get paid for a really fun (albeit challenging) job.
LES MISÉRABLES 30th Anniversary Postcards. Michael Colbourne as ‘Enjolras’.:
9)What is your go-to coffee shop drink?
My go-to is probably a chai tea latte. Yummm...

10)If you were on a dessert island…what would you eat (dessert islands are places wherein you can eat any kind of dessert without any health repercussions)?
ALL THE DESSERTS!!! Especially the ones containing chocolate.  Oooh eclairs... Don't get me started!
Triple Chocolate Eclairs - The perfect chocolate fix, and a recipe that is easy to make at home!!:
Just look at those scrumptious, beautiful, glorious chocolate eclairs!
11)What is your favorite part of having a blog?
For once, this decision isn't hard.  Meeting you guys and fangirling with you and discussing the important things, big and small.
 Have I ever mentioned? I love you guys! And TAG all of you are it. You can answer on your blog or in the comments if you wish to participate (-:

Here are your questions.
1) What are your top three musicals?
2) What is one of your favorite things about yourself?
3) What is your opinion of Kylo Ren?
4) What is one book you've recently read that you think everyone should read?
5) Would you recommend a favorite musician or band to us all?
6) If you had to be stuck in another world for the rest of your life which one would it be?
7) What dastardly deed would you do to obtain a lifetime supply of chocolate?
8) If you had to wear one outfit for an entire year, what would it be? (Consider this your character costume, you can choose whatever you want.)
9) What would you do if you were invisible?
10) What do you want to do before you die?
11) Last, but not least, what is a question you want answered?

 ~ Lizzy~

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