Tuesday, June 28, 2016

west coast, best coast // allll the photos and some random thoughts

photography credit for this one goes to my sister, Sarah
Can I just say, I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! After my last post, I think I owe you all an update on our trip. We arrived in Oregon on Saturday (that was an adventure of it's own that deserves a whole post to itself!) and we spent the night at our grandmother's house.  The next day we all took off to the beach for two days. The following are photos of our adventure in (semi)chronological order interspersed with snarky comments and reflections of an intermediate depth.

Why do I always take pics at odd angles?
I'm super excited about my stay here.  The weather has stayed below 90 degrees fahrenheit for the entirety of our visit so far, it's green, the crowd of people here is vibrant, and there is so much more to DO.  Even though I'm staying with my Nana, I think I'm going to miss my family quite a bit more than I'd expected.  Gosh, I miss them already and they're still here in Oregon.

Day 1
We drove to Lincoln City.  The towering pines, rolling hills, and lush ferns were breathtaking.  It made me think, everyone thinks of places like England being ancient, magical places, but if you think about it, Oregon is just as ancient as any other place in the world.  The vast expanses of overgrown trees and uncultivated wilderness leaves so much to be imagined.  It's just as magical as someplace like England, but a different kind of magic.  A kind of magic that not asleep, but just alive today as it was three-thousand years ago.  A kind of magic that is not hidden in the barrows of dead kings and warriors, but growing with the rest of the wild world, a paradoxical harmony of the ancient and the new. 
I'm not sure whether that ^^^ was poetic or pretentious, but it's me, so I'm just going to leave it.

We walked on the beach that evening after dinner.  I think I took more pictures of the waves than anything else.  There's something about the white caps and the seafoam that's kind of entrancing and impossible to truly capture in a photograph.  
Or perhaps it has something to do with the fact that my photography consists of me trying different stuff on my my camera and sometimes it works... IDK

It's at moments like these that I'm jealous of how cute my younger sisters are.  #ineedtostopeatingallthecarbs #situpswouldhelp #nevermindtheresanewkdramaonnetflix #thestruggleisreal #thiscallsforapostonpositivebodyimage

Sometimes the pictures you take while trying to get people to pose are even better than the staged photo.

Not gonna lie, the fam is pretty fantastic...

The sun didn't set until about 9:00.  You can't see it in this photo, but the moon was rising in the light of the setting sun, and it was absolutely gorgeous...

A gorgeous view in Newport

Day 2
We all drove down to Newport after breakfast the next morning.  It's such a touristy spot, but it's one of my favorite places to go on the Oregon Coast.  From the ocean view to the salt-water taffy, it's a fabulous spot.

Dear Siblings,
Please don't kill me for posting this goofy photo.  a. It's priceless, and b. I've already proven that you guys are very attractive people.

The fox on those socks was wearing socks. I know...

If you've never had salt water taffy before, you poor child, and also, you need to go to the Oregon Coast and buy a bag with a custom mixture of all of your favorite flavors.  I highly recommend the cinnamon.  I haven't tried it yet, but my family is in love with the licorice flavored kind.

Ohhh, look at the pretty shiny glass!!!  I took a test for what my spirit animal was once for fun and it said it was either a hummingbird or a butterfly.  I'm starting to think it might be a crow.

What can I say?  They love wild socks and Birkenstocks.
(TBH, I'm seriously thinking of getting a pair of Birki's myself)

The shopfronts were as vibrant as our new socks.

Sarah took most of the photos here.

We drove down the coast a little way to Yaquina Head.  It was kind of awesome, 'cause in the story I'm working on while I wait for Camp NaNo has a lighthouse.  It also has dragons and an all girl gang kind of like the Merry Men...

Just doing my signature dance move.  We don't have to talk about how it's the only one I'm actually good at...

Me attempting to do the tree pose.  My arms were all wrong, but hey, I didn't fall down!

The starfish in its natural habitat.

My fabulous mother...


me:*enjoying the view*
me: *oh no is my sister taking pictures I'd better not look weird*
me:*stares off into the distance angstily*
me:*nailed it*

We had a bonfire on the beach later that night.  It was legit.  TBH, it felt a bit like one of those music videos where the squad is having a really ideal bonfire on the beach and everyone is laughing in slow-mo and looking fabulous.  Except it was the fam, and we were all wearing towels because it was cold, and there was no pressure to look amazing, so that was nice.

#delish #iateliketen #noshame
This was only the first few days of our vacation and I already feel like a new person.  Gosh, I haven't even shared my West Coast shopping haul yet... That'll be another post. Surprise, surprise, I bought some books already...

You know, I'm pretty pumped for my stay here.  I think I can see a lot of adventures in the near future.

Have you had any adventures lately?  What is your favorite flavor of salt water taffy?  Also, can I ask a favor of you guys?  If you've been following my blog for a while, please let me know what some of your favorite posts have been;I may blog for myself, but I like to keep my fabulous followers happy. <3



  1. Looks lovely and so much fun! I recognised a few pics from Facebook! :D

    1. It was fabulous! Hahaha, yeah, I double shared quite a few pictures. XD Thanks for commenting, Evie!

  2. DUDE YOU SERIOUSLY CAPTURED THIS PLACE <3 wow. I loved reading the recap of the adventures you guys haddd! It looks like a blast. I've always wanted to have a bonfire on the beach, that is so magical. ♥ And you and your sisters are gorgeous and fabulous!

    Ok so we are actually en route to Oregon and Washington state now. o_o My mom's side of the family lives there, and I hope the temperatures matched what you described because I lovee hot weather!

    Loved this post so much

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you Katie! Your comment made me smile so much. YES! You should totally have a bonfire on the beach sometime, it's the bomb.

      Yay! That's so cool that you're visiting the Northwest. Perhaps we'll run into each other O_o! You will love it here, the weather is absolutely phenomenal...

      <3 Lizzy

  3. All of your posts are my favorite!

    I loved all the pictures, this looked like the perfect trip, I have been begging my Dad to go on a short trip down the coast again.

    1. Awwww!!! That totally made my day, Skye. You should! The west coast is one of my favorite places. (-:

  4. Yay!! Lately I've been seeing many bloggers go to Oregon which is where I live and it makes me happy!!

    1. That's so cool! Yes, Oregon is a really fabulous place. <3


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