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Camp NaNoWriMo Has Devoured My Soul: Week 1 of My Camp NaNo Experience Explained in Gifs

Yes, you guessed it from the title, this is about Camp NaNoWriMo.
And, I am happy to announce, it is going pretty well. Considering the last time I attempted to do NaNoWriMo in 2014, this comes as a bit of a surprise. I have reached 30K+ words today, and I'm trying to finish the novel itself by the last day of July. It will be hard since I have a feeling that this novel will be a bit longer than 50K words... But before I bore you to death, allow me to share some of the awesome (and...interesting) moments I've had in my first week of Camp NaNoWriMo. Be ye warned, there shall be an overabundance of GIFS!

Week One:
So, like most NaNo-ers (is that even a thing?) I was  ahead of my word count goal for the week, writing and average of 2K+ words per day and reaching a total of 14,552 words by day seven.
And, if period literature taught you anything, the right person can come along at any moment and under any circumstances! | 15 Signs You Belong In A Period Piece Romance

Maybe that's not a ton for you, but that was probably one of my best weeks as a writer. 
But in my defense, it was kind of a weird week.

~First off, we were traveling/doing touristy stuff for the first three days, and is it just me, or is writing in a hotel room crammed with five other noisy people hard or what? #thankgoodnessforearbuds
Funniest skit of life. Look it up. Watch it. Laugh hysterically. Love David and Catherine forever.

~Secondly, July kind of happened a few days before I was mentally prepared, and I honestly hadn't the foggiest idea what was going to happen in the first few chapters, so day one I was just sitting in front of my computer screen just like:
Im Yoona of Girls' Generation. Clueless.
'cept I didn't look this cute
~ And then one of my main characters decided to fall in love with another main character at first sight...
That´s not supposed to happen.
I feel like this is my reaction to the majority
of my writing process..
~And apparently said love interest looks like Ben Barnes according to my bff.
Welcome Back, GIF Party

~And an other main character (there are 4, I know, it's confusing) is now a rebelious punk/emo kid who has a skateboard and graffities stuff. And this is basically him most of the time.

33 INFP Problems
And I just realized that this is kind of like him too...
When my toddler isn’t given the aforementioned items and proceeds to begin an object-throwing tantrum as a result:

~ But there were also some really awesome things like random show tune duets, and k-pop dance partays, and food. Lots of food.
Sir Gwaine, ladies and gentleman...
Because Gwain..
~ And here's a selfie I took on the road while procrastinating from writing. For your amusement I have decided to humiliate myself. You're welcome.
Hawt dayum...

IDK, I guess I'd have to say that my first week of Camp NaNo was actually pretty fabulous. And because you had the patience to read a post where I mostly rant about my characters, here is some virtual ice cream and the synopsis of my WIP.
You'd need somewhere cool to keep the doggie food. A vintage ice cream truck would be perfect!:
Akira: Responsible, control-freak, performer and biology student, older sister, afraid to let go. 
Yoru: Rebel, loner, artist flunking high school, younger brother, afraid to stay. The Yin to Akira's Yang. 
Lavender: Unsure, curious, nerdy, hopeless romantic, English Major, full of wonder. 
Dante: At his parents' mercy, mysterious, passionate, musician, a secret dork, takes things for granted.
Four students, thousands of questions, even fewer answers, one house, and one long semester.
And that is all for today, expect three more Camp NaNo posts consisting mostly of gifs and me ranting in the near future. (-:

Tell me about your Camp NaNoWriMo! What crazy things happened? Do you have any gifs to go with? 'Cause gifs are life...  Also, what is your opinion of Byronic Heros? (There will probably be a post about that sometime soon.) Are you a plotter or a pantser or something in between? Tell me ALL about your cool and crazy Camp NaNo adventures. (-:


  1. Ahh, all the lovely Camp NaNoWriMo craziness. I love little overviews of the writing process posts, since every writer is sooo different. o.o

    Also, thank you earbuds. They're my best friend for politely shutting people out when I'm trying to focus. xD

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Haha, yes! Earbuds are a writer's best friend. And crazy is good when it's Camp NaNo craziness. (-;

  2. Laughing my way through this post, pretty much sums up my writing process. There is never not something happening.

    1. Haha, I'm glad that you got a laugh out of this. IKR? It's kind of crazy being a writer.

  3. Replies
    1. Haha, I'm flattered that you found this funny xD

  4. I totally read the Christopher Eccleston one in his accent lol
    -Catherine <3

    1. Haha! Yes, I totally do that all the time. Wasn't Christopher Eccleston great as The Doctor though?

  5. This post was funny from the first to last gif. I also loved the last part where you gave a small slice of each of your characters. I got to know them a little bit better. BTw, Ben Barnes is definitely the perfect Dante.

    1. Aww, thank you. I'm never certain if my posts are funny are not, so I'm glad you thought so. I hope you like the finished book. (-: And yes, you were right, Ben Barnes looks exactly like Dante. Or is it the other way around?


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