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What is a Plot Even??? : Weeks 2 and 3 of Camp NaNoWriMo Explained in Gifs

Let's be honest, the second week of NaNoWriMo is no piece of cake. It's around this point that pantsers like me start to grind to a halt and realize we have no idea where this story is going. We feel stupid for even trying to write this novel, and we moan and slam our heads on our keyboards.
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After a moment of heart rending aggony and dispair, we finally consult the revered and magical books of our craft.  The problem has been revealed! We need a plot. What are these dull technicalities you speak of?
television reaction celebs jimmy fallon fallontonight

I'm not sure how other pantsers react to this revelation, but my solution to this grave problem was to give my characters a taste of hellfire and brimstone. The first week we already had one character (Yoru)  in the emergancy room with two broken legs, bruised ribs, and a heck of a lot of community service looming over his head for graffiting a school.
AGONY! - Into the Woods

But that wasn't enough to make stuff interesting, so I had to go and get his sister, Akira, fired from her job by her evil employer.  Dante's father has told him he's on his own financially until the end of the semester.  Dante was not expecting that. Bear with me though, it's not all about money! Lavender finds a boyfriend who ends up being one of Dante's worst high school enemies, and there's a lot of angst and sad midnight guitar solos.

And while my characters are freaking out, my evil cackles are turning into panicked giggles as I realize I have no idea how I'm going to get my characters out or the mess I left them in. But despite the fact that I'm freaking out I also feel proud to be able to walk around like the majority of fiction writers out there like:
I've often planned the murder of friends and colleagues.  Of course you have, you eccentric and lovely man.

Now, just take the last two steps and repeat, and there you have week three. Just toss in a bit more panicked procrastinating.
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Pinterest is currently your best friend. You spend hours doing research, just to find that you don't know how you got to a pinterest board full of hilarious Sherlock memes. Oh well, it's good for inspiration, am I right? Of course I'm right.
Every time I spend the day watching Doctor Who... - Imgur
You're also throwing in pieces of backstory that you hadn't forseen or had forgoten entirely until this point and now your story is super random.
The League of British Artists: The Sherlockians Assess Benedict Cumberbatch
I'm sorry, I just had to share this gif.
Finally, just as the world looks like it's about to crumble, it's suddenly the dawn to week four. And this is where I leave you guys until the end of  July.
Don't just stand there! Halp!

Okay, is it just me, or does anyone else feel this way about Camp NaNoWriMo right now? How much time do you think you've probably wasted spent doing research on Pinterest this month?
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  1. I have not done NaNoWriMo before, but I feel very sorry for you, especially if you are like that adorable kitten barely hanging onto the blanket. (Btw. The gifs make the post hilarious!)

    Just remember this is your first draft, and you have to get the novel done by the end of July. As long as you get the novel done by the end of July, I think you can then go back and fix up messy parts in the story.

    1. Haha, I'm glad you found my attempts at being amusing hilarious. The kitten represents me at a cliff hanger point, which I usually always am in my writing. XD
      And yeah, that's so true. First drafts are always really messy. You've seen my most recent one, you know! XD

  2. Sounds crazy, yet fun. I thinks it's funny that we can bring our characters near to death, and then be like no that's not enough, more pain!

    1. OUR CHARACTERS MUST FEEL ALLLLLL THE PAIN!!! Aren't writers sort of evil though? And yeah, it has been a lot of fun. (-:

  3. I always wanted to write a novel, i feel as if i wouldn't be able to cope with the pressure of a month! What happens after it ends? Are you stuck?

    1. You should totally write one Martin! Just for fun. It's so worth it. I was lucky enough not to have a ton going on this month, so it wasn't super stressful. (-: I actually finished (which I'm going to do a post on) and you guessed correctly, I'm having a bit of a novel hangover. But I'm refueling through reading, and hopefully I'll start another project soon. (-:

  4. Omg the Sherlock gif is LIFE bahahhah.😂 And also the kitten gif. Also basically your gifing skills are just ON POINT in this post, well done. ;)
    And I spend a LOT of time on pinterest before writing a book...but not usually ever during.😂 I'm like a mega-plotter-binge-writer, so if I am writing, it's basically me writing and doing nothing else. Wooooh for plots! They take out getting stuck. BUT I STILL ADMIRE YOU FOR BEING ABLE TO PANST AND GO WHERE THE WORDS TAKE YOU! So flexible. So admirable. ;)

    1. AWWWWWW!!! *blushes* You're too sweet.
      Well, it's my opinion that whatever method works for you is THE best method. OMG, REALLY??? I AM IN AWE OF PLOTTERS!!! You guys seriously have your game together. I just feel like a drunk goat when I'm writing, I seriously have no idea what I'm doing most of the time. XD

  5. "How much time do you think you've probably wasted spent doing research on Pinterest this month?" <<< haAHAHAH A LOT. AND I DIDN'T EVEN DO THIS SCARY LOOKING CAMP NANO THING (although I'm thinking of doing it in November?? UM PRAY FOR ME HAHA) but duuuuuude seriously -- I have SUCH GREAT RESPECT for pantsters because I'm an intense plotter and I honestly don't know how pantsters do it. *pats you on the back and gives you copious waffles*



    1. Haha, well, let me just say, Abbiee, your pinterest is really gorgeous and inspiring, so I don't judge you one bit. (-;
      OOOHHHH YES!!! You should definitely do that this November! And I will keep you in my prayers. It's a busy time of year!
      Aren't gifs the best thing since sliced bread tho?


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