Thursday, May 18, 2017

hello, it is i, your local emo writer, returned from the land of the dead // an update on life

Today I forgave myself for being a hot mess, made myself some tea, and sat down to edit my Camp NaNo novel from last summer.   And then I started thinking about you all. LIKE, HELLO, HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN ARE Y'ALL STILL EVEN ALIVE AND BREATHING?!

You guys, it's been over half a year since I've posted and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if half of you had forgotten about me.  But just the same, I honestly want to thank you for being such a light in my life.  I know it sounds cheesy and all, but you guys don't know how much you shaped the direction of my life since I started blogging and I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!

I'm not gonna lie, my life has changed drastically since the last time I wrote.

I graduated college.

I had my first relationship.

I got a lead role in a school play.

I didn't get into my dream school.

I had a few minor existential crises.

I started going to the gym.

I got paid to have some of my writing published (some rather dull articles, tbh, but still).

I cried over lots of things. Happy, sad, bittersweet. You name it.

I fell in love with so many people and places and the world in general.

I allowed myself to be vulnerable and insecure, and sometimes it hurt.

And today all of that change, and those experiences, and this liminal phase between endings and beginnings has hit me on the head like a hangover.  It's just so insane how much life can change. And how much you change with it. I don't mean to get all emotional and sappy on y'all now, but this seemed like the best way to catch you up on what's been happening in my life.

I want to get back into blogging this summer.  It's been one of the most therapeutic hobbies of mine, and I also want to catch up with the rest of my blogging, writing, artistic, creative friends in the blogosphere.  I've realized that at this incredibly uncertain point in my life, I need to hold on to what I hold dear and get rid of some of the things that are weighing me down.  This blog, and all of you, my friends and readers, have been one of the best things in my life.

So, if you've made it all the way through my super extra, super emo post, tell me, how are YOU?! 
What are some amazing and life changing things that have happened since we last talked? And also HOW in the heckers do you do this novel editing thing?!?! (plz send hlp...)

Lot's of love,



  1. I'm so glad to see you back and blogging. We all missed you!
    And I totally understand, I just got back into blogging too. Sometimes life gets busy, you don't need to apologize for it, dear.

    1. Hi Hannah! Thanks so much for your sweet comment, it means a lot. I've missed reading all of your lovely posts too. Much love, take care!

  2. You had me at, local emo writer and minor existential crisis'
    This is the kind of quality stuff I am here for. Plus I relate.
    Welcome back!

    1. SKYE!!! I missed you! I always love seeing your comments on my blog. Gosh, it's been forever... Those minor existential crisis' tho... XD

  3. It's great to read a new blog post from you! I've missed reading them!

    Although you have been away from the blog world, it sounds like you have experienced many things while you have been away. I wonder how your experience will affect your writing and how you edit your book.

    1. Thanks Ekaterina! You know the worst of it, lol. ;) But yeah, I hadn't thought of that! I think it WILL really change the way I write and edit. Hopefully for the best :D Love ya girl!

  4. My pinky finger is asleep and it is making it hard to type.
    LIZ. I know I never ever comment, but I love your writing. I love your voice. It's right there--it's familiar and eye-opening at the same time. I look forward to more blogging from you!
    And I will see you around Mooshka! <3

    1. JESS!!! I have been terrible about commenting... XD Thank you for your kind and lovely words, I have aLLLL the feels :') I can't wait to write more posts as well.

      Lots of love,



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