About Me

Hello, lovely to meet you.
 My name is Elizabeth, but my friends call me Lizzy, and you can too if you'd like. Here are a few things about me so you can get to know me better. And I'd be absolutely thrilled if you left a comment telling me a little about yourself so I can get to know you too!

I'm a storyteller, a reader, an amature musician, a sister, a nerd, an introvert, an idealist, a Rebelutionary,  a Christian and many other things.
I love books, all things chocolate, tea, British TV shows, cozy sweaters, Middle Earth, fangirling, gorgeous views, seeing the world, day dreaming too much, and learning new things 

 I'm goofy, emotional, kind of creative, and have a love-hate relationship with crazy adventures like Bilbo Baggins.  I'm pretty sure that Camelot and dragons once existed, and sometimes I can scare myself with my own imagination. I sing musicals in the shower, pretend that I'm British, (I have a pretty decent fake accent) and procrastinate from everything I'm actually supposed to be doing. And despite the fact that life is insane and unpredictable, I love it!

What about you? Who are you and what are you passionate about?


  1. Awesome! I had fun reading a bit about you, it sounds like we have several things in common:) (Have you seen the BBC Robin Hood? Because if you haven't, you should;D)


    1. Oops, I hit the publish button too soon.

      I'll enjoy looking around your blog!!! And here's mine, in case you ever want to pop by:
      http://meanwhileinrivendell.blogspot.com :)

    2. Hey Olivia! Just saw your comment, and yes, I LOVE BBC Robin Hood. I can't wait to check out your blog. Thanks so much for popping by.

  2. Good morning Elizabeth! I am delighted to ''meet'' you...you left such a sweet comment on my blog, and I wanted to pop by yours to say hello!
    Your about is lovely, and I enjoyed seeing a picture of you - blogging makes us feel like we are not so far apart, doesn't it?? {{Smiles}}
    I look forward to blogging together in the future...already miss BG, but I look forward to returning with many more posts! For now, I am in need of some inspiration! Hee!
    Have a wonderfully blessed Sunday, dear Elizabeth!

    1. Hey Kelly-Anne!
      Thanks for the sweet comment, I'm always delighted to meet new bloggers. (-: Yes, I completely agree, blogging bridges the distance between people who would otherwise never have met, and it's a great way to get to know more people. I hope you find inspiration for blogging soon!

  3. Hi! It's great to meet you. It would seem we both love books, tea, and British TV shows (BBC Sherlock!!!) :D Fangirling is one of my favorite pastimes as well.
    Lovely blog! I'm giving you a follow.

    1. Thanks Rebecca! It's so lovely to meet others with similar interests. And since we're both avid fangirls, I'm sure we'll get along quite well. (-:
      Thanks for the comment and the follow.

  4. Hey Elizabeth! I just found your blog and read through the whole thing in two hours. We both have a lot in common and I look forward to reading more of your blogs posts!



Please share your thoughts with me! I LOVE to connect with my readers, and I promise I don't bite.

xoxo Lizzy

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